N Ch NW-90 Taira

(NUch NordV-81 Orms Dorms Moosmoos of Tote-Um – N Uch Topkoks Iditarod Sumak)

N Uch NW-90 Taira  – our first Alaskan Malamute. We purchased her in 1985 from Hege and Svein Tore Bøe, kennel Najanin.
She proved to be a very good looking and sound malamute bitch – always hard working in harness, she was a perfect family dog and also produced very good puppies.

Taira, 6,5 months

Taira Bir Veteran
Best in Show veteran

Taira Norwegian Winner 1990

Anne C og Taira på Finse Taira and Anne Cathrine at Finse

LøpSølen med Taira, Bumper og Sumak
Anne Cathrine racing N Uch NV-90 Taira, N UCH Topkoks Iditarod Sumak og N Ch Topkoks Eagle Bumper

Løp Sølen med Taira, Tuva og Brom
Anne Cathrine racing N Uch NV 90 Taira, NUch Watzikimas GeeTuva og Watzikimas Gee Brom

Tur i skogen, Taira, Tuva og Friska
Taira in the woods with her daughters NUch Watzikimas GeeTuva and Watzikimas Flying Fruska